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Frozen Himalayas have always believed that if you do something and there is no benefit to the community then there is no beauty in that work. Therefore we have been constantly teaming with people and using their knowledge and expertise to shape the future of Ladakh.

We have been creating responsible tourism itineraries for people who want to travel and make a difference. Currently our friends and clients are sponsoring under privileged kids to go to school, building houses for the poor, helping struggling people financially - giving them dignity in their day to day existence, teaching skills to children which they will never learn in govt schools and aiding in the distribution of medicines and medical equipment to the remote places and hospitals. From the last 5 years we are promoting resp

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Our Concept

Winter is where our heart lies and winter is what Frozen Himalayas specialises in.

Frozen Himalayas has decided to commit itself to cater to the needs of all travellers during all seasons but, in particular, winter. Firstly because we love winter. It is a chance to see the true sublime nature of the mountains in all their harshness & wild, uncompromising beauty. There is a silence that echoes through the the mountains at this time which can not be heard during the bustle of the crowded summer months.

The ingenuity of humans to survive the winter is extraordinary, and the way have developed their use of resources to survive the winter, and the way they have utilised the remote winter land to seek refuge from the conflict of the world is something we admire and want to share.

During the winter months is it more possible to see the culture of the Western Himalayas intimately. There are many festivals which are held only during the winter months and much of the wildlife only comes out during this time. The life of the locals is more slow & subdued, and during the winter the traveler has a greater opportunity to see life as it really is.

At present tourism is very seasonal in these parts. Promoting winter tourism allows opportunity for the local community to be employed for a greater part of the year, thus promoting a more sustainable and equitable way of life.

Finally, winter is far more exciting and adventurous! Frozen Himalayas has employed a specialised team to overcome the obstacles, for example transport & accommodation, that the winter months present.

Imagine this: white mountains, blue sky, night time galaxies of diamonds swirling above your head, thin pure air that revitalises your body and cleanses your mind. Don't underestimate yourself! There is nothing called bad weather if you have the right equipment and attitude.

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