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Frozen Himalayas have always believed that if you do something and there is no benefit to the community then there is no beauty in that work. Therefore we have been constantly teaming with people and using their knowledge and expertise to shape the future of Ladakh.

We have been creating responsible tourism itineraries for people who want to travel and make a difference. Currently our friends and clients are sponsoring under privileged kids to go to school, building houses for the poor, helping struggling people financially - giving them dignity in their day to day existence, teaching skills to children which they will never learn in govt schools and aiding in the distribution of medicines and medical equipment to the remote places and hospitals. From the last 5 years we are promoting resp

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About Our Team

Imran Gulzar Hussain  Co-Founder & CEO

Gulzar Hussain is a leading young naturalist from Ladakh. His childhood and adult life have been spent exploring this remote and harsh region with a passion for its remarkable and delicate ecosystem. Gulzar speaks all the languages of the region and has an MBA in Tourism & Hospitality from the Business School, Kashmir University. He Specialises in sustainable tourism planning and policy.  He has recently co-authored an extensive research guidebook Journey through paradise (Kashmir, Ladakh & Jammu). This book can be currently found on the shelves of leading bookstores across the country. He is the founder of the Nomadic center for Arts and crafts at Puga Changthang. The pioneering concept behind this initiative is for underprivileged, vulnerable Nomadic kids and youth to have access to better health and education along with creative arts and conservation projects.He is involved with various local and international projects involving promotion and awareness of authentic pashmina.The Knowledge and intimacy with which he talks about his land and Himalayas make you immediately fall in love with the Ladakhi People it’s wildlife, history & culture. In 2017 he was also featured in the Anniversary issue of Condé Nast Traveller “ 50 people to know in the Himalayas”. His photo database and stories relating to some of the more spectacular shots are the perfect backdrop to evenings, spent around the fire when in camp. Gulzar has also exhibited his work both national & international platforms. He is currently working on a high-quality picture book on Ladakh & Kashmir Himalayas.



Imran Mohammad Imran - Co-Founder & Managing Director Operations 

Mohammad Imran’s strength lies with the immense amount of practical knowledge he possesses about adventure tourism in Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. He has a decade of experience trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking and motorcycling in this region. His love for wheels has driven him to explore thousands of kilometers of the Himalayas on the back of his motorcycle, and his specialty is uncovering brand new routes and trails. Imran is best known for dropping anything and everything when a crisis situation occurs exceeding all expectations with his cool head for logistics and commitment to service. Having worked in the travel business for half of his life he has developed a huge network of friends, colleagues, contacts not only across the mountains but throughout the entire Indian subcontinent. Maintaining close relationships with many of his clients, he has built the Frozen Himalayas company into a place clients return again and again.


Jacqueline - Director Sales & International Representative

Jacqueline’s commitment to research and exploration of mountain life and culture has seen her team with brothers Gulzar Hussain & Mohammad Imran to take the philosophy of Frozen Himalayas beyond the mountains. She is a passionate photographer, historian and adventurer committing her time to the documentation of the art, faith, people and culture of the Western Himalayan region. An enthusiastic mountaineer she has joined the brothers on some incredible adventures.
Currently she has co-created an interactive educational program, Camera Story, that works with underprivileged and “at risk” children in Australia, India and Bangladesh. This program designed to provide a compassionate & creative medium of communication for children’s self-expression and social/personal development.  ?Her Masters of Communication thesis was completed through research in Kashmir and she has co-authored a travel guide to the region, Journey Through Paradise  - Kashmir, Jammu & Ladakh.

Takpa Nubroo

Takpa Nurboo is one of the most experienced mountaineers from the Indian subcontinent. He has got more the one decade of experience in mountaineering and rescue in the Indian Himalayan range make him the one of the toughest and
skilledmountaineer in this field. He was born in a small village called Sankar 4 kms from Leh town. He was mentored by Sonam Wangyal (Everest hero) of Ladakh and later he went on to Uttarkashi to do his basic mountaineering training from Nehru institute of mountaineering (NIM). Later he did his advance course in mountaineering. He is also trained as a rescue high altitude resuce.  Takpa looks after the safety and resuce, during the major expeditions.


Tundup is the toughest and funniest team member of Frozen Himalayas. Even one of the toughest times and tiring times during the expedition becomes fun when he is around. He is an excellent Guide
andcook. He was born in a remote village of zanskar. He looks after the arrangement of potters and supplies during the expeditions. He is best at what he does.

Rigzin choldan

Rigzin was born in a small village called Alchi intheshaam province of Ladakh. His one decade of experience in transport management and wide network of drivers and transport companies makes him one of the best transport managers. He looks after the transportation part of frozen Himalayas.
Imtiyaz Ahmed

Imtiyaz was born in the heart of the old town Leh. He completed his basic education from Islamic Public School Leh.  Imtiyaz is an extremely hard working guy
withpassion for motorcycling and trekking. Imtiyaz’s sense of humor and enthusiasm is what makes him one of the best companies to have in wilderness. Fun loving and very straight forward Imtiyaz  has great leadership qualities. With his vast experience in such a short time he continues to be a very popular guide.