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Frozen Himalayas have always believed that if you do something and there is no benefit to the community then there is no beauty in that work. Therefore we have been constantly teaming with people and using their knowledge and expertise to shape the future of Ladakh.

We have been creating responsible tourism itineraries for people who want to travel and make a difference. Currently our friends and clients are sponsoring under privileged kids to go to school, building houses for the poor, helping struggling people financially - giving them dignity in their day to day existence, teaching skills to children which they will never learn in govt schools and aiding in the distribution of medicines and medical equipment to the remote places and hospitals. From the last 5 years we are promoting resp

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Craft And Culture Tour

9 days, Starting 12 May, USD74780 Only

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Activity Craft & Culture
Duration 9 Days
Max 8 pax
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Craft in Kashmir reflects the Kashmiri people. It is slow and soft, with subdued colour, small in scale and can be done within the home or at a worksop close to the home. You will not find giant sexy murals of righteous and bright colours, or big bold stone or iron sculptures of man or machine. Its resplendent theme can be brought down to that of the paradisiacal garden, the abode of God, the heaven of the hooris, and it is through this that their craft marries their religion and culture perfectly. The many crafts of Kashmir were imported concurrently with Islam from Persia. As Islam was introduced and propagated in the region, so to was crafts such as papier mache, embroidery and wood work. The foreign craft traditions fused together with the indigenous craft practices creating a new style reflective of the stunning natural environment of Kashmir. For example, designs such as the Chinar tree and particularly the chinar leaf which is ubiquitous in the centre of Srinagar (although this to was imported from Persia), the lotus (which is one of the state symbols of Kashmir), the pomegranate and other flowers such as the iris and the hyacinth. Under the Mughal emperor Jehangir, the crafts of Kashmir, especially that of carpet weaving, received generous patronage and flourished. These medieval crafts were also made to reflect a particular Emperor's taste, an example of how the seat of the King has direct influence on the propagation, enjoyment and survival of the arts. For example, patterns depicting animal forms and elaborate hunting scenes are from the period of Akbar's rule while the carpets with patterns of scrolling vines and highly naturalistic plant and animal forms are of Jehangir's patronage. Probably the most famous and popular design was the Persian Chahar Bagh - "garden of paradise" - design. Kashmiri craft is a beautiful example of art imitating life.

Quick Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Delhi To Srinagar(1 Hr Flight.)
  • Day 2 : Vegetable Market And Old Town
  • Day 3 : Gardens And Around
  • Day 4 : Old Town
  • Day 5 : Craft Tour Part 1
  • Day 6 : Craft Tour Part 2
  • Day 7 : Srinagar To Pahalgam (3 Hrs Drive.)
  • Day 8 : Pahalgam To Srinagar
  • Day 9 : Fly From Srinagar To Delhi

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