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Frozen Himalayas have always believed that if you do something and there is no benefit to the community then there is no beauty in that work. Therefore we have been constantly teaming with people and using their knowledge and expertise to shape the future of Ladakh.

We have been creating responsible tourism itineraries for people who want to travel and make a difference. Currently our friends and clients are sponsoring under privileged kids to go to school, building houses for the poor, helping struggling people financially - giving them dignity in their day to day existence, teaching skills to children which they will never learn in govt schools and aiding in the distribution of medicines and medical equipment to the remote places and hospitals. From the last 5 years we are promoting resp

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Client Reviews

Laurent Bachmann , Austria

Posted Date : 01/07/13

Imran from Frozen Himalayas took us around Ladakh and offered us an experience no one else could! We motor-cycled to the world's highest pass, visited monasteries and tried the local food. We always felt welcomed, safe and in very good hands. Whenever we needed something, Imran went out of his way to help us. I have recommended his service to my whole family. With this guy you will surely have the best time in Ladakh. Promise.”

Anneke Van Es, Netherlands

Posted Date : 01/08/13

We did the Markha Valley tour via Frozen Himalayas. Before we chose Frozen Himalayas we had visited quite a lot of web-sites. Imran gave us the best information and was very cheerful, friendly and honest. He is really passionate about the region and wants to share that with people. Frozen Himalayas really has good service. We were picked up and dropped of from our guesthouse and had a good guide and cook and good equipment during the trek. 

The guide planned the trekking very well, he took us to some nice glaciers and had an eye for all the people in the group. He was also a very good cook and we enjoyed the meals he made for us. The only thing we had to do was enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Markha valley. We also booked our trip from Leh to McLeod Ganj via Frozen Himalayas. We had a very comfortable, luxurious and well organized trip with good drivers. So if you want good quality and good service you should really book your trip via Frozen Himalayas!

Nopporn & Friends , Thailand

Posted Date : 01/09/13

We've been to Leh for first time and we were so lucky to know Imran from Frozen Himalayas. We hopped into some tour offices and finally we met him. He spent his time talking with us about the attractions and tailor made the trip for us. We started with day tour in Leh and the other day tour to Pangong Tso. We had an issue with our insurance company and he lent us his phone so that the company can call instead of us paying the overseas call.

He was so helpful and so nice to us. We can say that his service mind is great. He knows all about nice places because he is genuine local people. We felt like we knew  him as friend and he did to us like we're his  friend as well. We still keep in touch till now and we'd recommend any tourists to try using his service and you'll see how lucky you've decided to choose tour with him. Super good, thumbs up!

Dave Stowe, Canada

Posted Date : 01/10/12

The following is a testament from Dave Stowe - a Canadian citizen residing/working in Seoul , South Korea, it is an excerpt from his live radio travel show ( Sept.7th/2012). The show is called Travel Bug with host Lisa Kelly on Arirang Radio (internet English language radio)  every Friday 10:15- 10:50 a.m. Seoul, Korea time. He did a broadcast of his one month holiday in Kashmir & Ladakh, India in the summer of 2012 ...  

Lisa: What else did you get up to in Leh/Ladakh?
Dave: Well – the Masters degree student – Gulzar – met at the newsagents in Srinagar where I picked up the daily newspaper, directed me to drop in on his brother Imran – who is managing a specialized outdoor company for special interest travelers office in Leh. I just put my trust in Imran and he did a stellar job of looking after me and the travel needs of a few of my new friends as well!

Lisa: What sort of day trips did you do through his agency?
Dave: Well, one day I went out to do the afternoon white water rafting trip down the Zanskar river. This area is often compared favourably to the Grand Canyon for its scenic beauty and it did not disappoint! A Bollywood movie scene was underway along the banks of the river on our way downstream ... (Dave) However, for me the highlight of my stay in Leh had to be the bicycle ride down from the highest motor-able mountain pass in the world !

Lisa: So tell us about that !
Dave: I banded together with my two buddies Courentin and Gabriel in a jeep to take us up to Khardung-la pass. Imran sent his "right hand man" – Manzoor - to accompany us, along with a local driver. Basically for $25 a jeep takes you and the quality mountain bikes approximately 45km directly up the mountain pass road from Leh to the summit at Khardung-la. At just over 5600m (18,350 feet) your body is only getting 50% of the oxygen it would get at sea level in Seoul! I tried walking 5 meters quickly and could not make 3 footsteps before getting really dizzy … Having several loudspeakers broadcasting the Dalai Lama's speech “live” in front of the 40,000 people gathered below at Leh's largest outdoor park added to the surreal nature of this experience!

Lisa: So tell us about the ride?
Dave: It took the “4 musketeers” about 2 hours to wind our way down the mountain road back into town! The clouds disappeared by 11 am and there was ample time/space to pull over for binocular/photo breaks. Remember was 45 km DOWNHILL all the way – NO uphill – Just a phenomenal ride! Imran was waiting at the travel office in town when we arrived to make sure everything had gone smoothly !

Ulli Felber , Austria

Posted Date : 01/10/12

I got to know the two brothers Mohd Imran and Gulzar Hussain in 2010 during the flood in Ladakh. After working together at the accident scene, helping the flood victims, we decided to set up the donation project "Support Ladakh". 90 % of the donations are gained  in Austria and distributed in Ladakh by the two brothers in a very reliable way, so that every rupee reaches the families and children in need.

Since 2010 I travel every summer to Ladakh and work on our project with Gulzar and Imran. I am happy with the efforts our project has made, which wouldn't be possible without the work of them both.  Owing to their vast efforts with 'Support Ladakh', I use their excellent services which they provide through their company "Frozen Himalayas" and am getting know Ladakh, year by year, more and more. I really enjoy they way they provide tours and what kind of tours they offer, as they are very professional but also very personal at the same time. Their tours are often individually tailored - and not only for me because of our friendship - but also for their customers.  

What goes around comes around. It seems like the philosophy behind Frozen Himalayas reflects the mindset of Ladakhi people. Their will definitely pay a lot of attention to the individual wishes and listen carefully to the  requirements of their customers and cooperation partners. They will do good and put a lot of effort to make their clients confident. And whatever their work contains, the constant intention of  Frozen Himalayas  is also to support local resources.  For me, working together with Imran and Gulzar is always a great experience, as they are absolutely reliable and professional. And I am thankful that I found great partners and at the same time wonderful friends for working together on "Support Ladakh".

Laurent Bachmann, Austria

Posted Date : 01/07/13

"Three thumbs up for Frozen Himalayas."
Laurent Bachmann, Austria

"The motorbike trip of a lifetime!"
Ben Clements & Suzie Warrick, Australia

Kathrin Pletschnig, Austria

Posted Date : 02/08/13

I was travelling on my own to Ladakh and I really wanted to have a big adventure in my holidays! So I decided to climb a technically easy but quite high mountain of Ladakh. I got some good information at the agency Frozen Himalayas in Leh and booked a 4 day trip to the summit of Stok Kangri (6100m)! The agency organised everything well and quickly and took care for the arrival, the guide, food, the cook, horses, tents,sleeping bags and amazing service in the mountains which was beyound my expectations.

The landscape at the trek was stunning!  You are surrounded by high mountains and you walk up along the river higher and higher! We even saw some wild animals on our trek. There were only short distances to walk, but you need time to walk slow and to acclimate well. On the 3rd day we made the summit at 7 o´clock in the morning and we had an amazing view around to all other peaks in the Himalaya. This was an unforgettable experience! A big thanks to Frozen Himalayas for a very safe and well organised trip to the "top of the world“! Next time again Frozen Himalayas!

Joe Landro, Australia

Posted Date : 16/01/14

I arrived in Leh and had absolutely no plans. I didn’t know anything about trekking, I was not used to high altitudes or cold weather, plus I’m fairly unfit. I come from Australia and was looking for something different. So, my friend and I decided to try trekking. I found Imran at Frozen Himalayas. He gave me all the information I needed to set off on a six-day trek. He is honest, reliable and you could tell he knew what he was talking about. Trekking in Leh is a must do. I feel like I have an addiction to it. I couldn’t recommend Frozen Himalayas more and I will definitely be going back.

Suzie Warrick & Ben Clements , Australia

Posted Date : 18/01/14

It was as close as I have come to flying; riding through the Himalayas on the back of a motorbike was like nothing I'd ever experienced. Terrible roads and the most beautiful scenery combined to provide the adventure of a life time. The folks at Frozen Himalayas couldn't have made it easier - friendly and efficient, all we had to do was show up and ride. I dare you to try it!

Sanjay Samnani (Singapore) 2017,

Posted Date : 27/04/17

A group of 12 of us from Singapore came for a trek to Leh/ Ladakh and Gulzar and his team made the event very memorable. keep up the good work Gulzar, from organizing our trek, meals, shopping guide to Pashmina's and arranging transport etc.. we came as customers and left as friends.

Lisa Whittle ,

Posted Date : 30/08/18

Fantastic experience with Gulzar and his team in Ladakh. There was nothing that was too much trouble and Gulzar went out of his way to ensure that arrangements were tailored to our needs, flexible an dadaptable to variable travelling conditions with activities to cater to all requirements. Gulzar is extremely knowledgeable on the locality, history, culture and photography and I'm really happy recommending Frozen Himalayas as a tour company. 

Thanks, Gulzar!!